App Experience API

Get endless integration options with our Java API. Interact directly with App Experience devices with an API that contains all the classes and methods to support individual device commands, as well as calls into App Experience automation scripts.


Get ultimate flexibility to thoroughly test your mobile apps and websites

App Experience API
  • Remotely interact and control every aspect of the device including pressing handset buttons, viewing displays, listening to ringers and tones, playing videos, swiping touch screens, muting, powering on/off, downloading/installing apps, and sending/ receiving messages.
  • Extract outputs from handsets (audio, video screens)
  • Utilize scripting commands (wait for specific text, images) through the API or through App Experience Studio
  • Access and execute actions (test scripts)
  • Access and control App Experience devices with a standards-based programming language
  • Create test scripts directly in Java or use App Experience ‘s visual scripting language, and easily generate Java code from these scripts with the click of a button.
  • Use the App Experience Studio built-in Java editor, or utilize your own Java IDE
  • View executing tests in real-time through the App Experience API dashboard
  • Utilize existing test frameworks by converting existing assets into Java or creating a bridge to other programming languages, such as PERL or PHP
  • Easily extend testing capabilities to other systems by scripting actions between App Experience devices and external elements—for example, test instant messaging between a mobile handset and a PC
  • Optionally save all results into the App Experience reporting interface
  • Access multiple devices within one session—the API methods will check to make sure all required devices are available before connecting
  • Integrate your test schedules with other internal events—for example, automatically initiate certain regression tests as new builds are released


  • Ability to schedule and automatically deliver your app build to devices and run a set of test cases to validate the build
  • Increase productivity and streamline testing process
  • Automated sanity testing of each mobile application build to support earlier defect identification
  • Build and schedule mobile application automated regression suite directly from your build machine to increase confidence
  • Enhanced test coverage and shorter test cycles
  • Immediate feedback to developers on the quality, functionality or system-wide impact of code you are writing

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