Mobile App Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile Apps and Sites

Deliver 5-Star Digital Experiences with Robust Mobile App Monitoring

SIGOS App Experience enables you to proactively monitor your web, hybrid, and native mobile applications, giving you the data and insights you need to manage your in-app third-party service providers, as well as the ability to anticipate and resolve issues before they affect your users.

Monitor your business’ key transactions on real iOS and Android devices, understand your end-users’ experience, and boost your mobile app ratings and business outcomes.

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Fix Issues Faster (Than Ever)
Before Your Users Are Affected

Immediate Notification, Highly Customizable Alerts

Customize alerts for any transaction or webpage, based on the thresholds you care about and notify those who can swiftly take action.

End-User Performance Data at Your Finger Tips

Collect active end-user performance data immediately when your app scripts are ready– no app-code modification required!

Seamlessly collect data on new app versions the second new app releases are installed for immediate troubleshooting.

Diagnose and Fix Issues Before They Affect Your End Users

Get detailed timing reports and full screenshots for each transactional step, and quickly understand where app performance issues are impacting user experience.

Gain Comprehensive Insights into End-User Experience

Quickly Identify Trends, Make Analytics a Breeze

Choose from dozens of built-in performance and availability reports, and explore data quickly via rich visual graphics. Even integrate data into your favorite analytics tools via simple API.

Share Actionable Insights with Key Stakeholders

Get application availability and performance data reports in seconds, and easily share insights with stakeholders when needed. Don’t have the bandwidth for analysis? No problem. Let our team of experts do the analysis (and issue resolution when possible) for you.

Measure and Comply with SLAs

Ensure you’re meeting your performance and availability service levels, and avoid additional penalty costs. Use monitoring data, too, to help you define reasonable parameters for service levels.

Mobile App Monitoring Has Never Been This Easy

Script Without Coding

Effortlessly record app journeys with our easy-to-use intelligent recorder as you use your app, or use simple drag-and-drop to create scripts without writing a single line of code.

Easily Collaborate and Even Repurpose Scripts

Share scripts with teams across your organization for agility and take advantage of App Experience’s all-in-one platform by even reusing scripts for both app monitoring and functional testing.

Integrate with 3rd Party and Your Own Business’ IT Ecosystem:

With our elegant RESTful/Java API, seamlessly integrate App Experience with virtually any 3rd-party systems your business already uses. Instantly assign issues to your enterprise service desk or develop custom apps–the possibilities are endless

Monitor Your Mobile Apps 24/7 Globally with DeviceAnywhere

Real Devices Your Users Are Using

Access real iOS and Android devices in the DeviceAnywhere cloud and across real carriers worldwide, as if in your users’ hands.

Native, Web, and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Monitor any type of mobile app or website for any and all transactions to achieve optimal performance and ensure continuous availability.

Globally-Distributed Coverage, Wherever Your Users

Access the industry’s most comprehensive global monitoring and testing network. With hundreds of mobile devices located in more than 157 locations around the world or anywhere on-premise, your monitoring data will finally be accurate and reflective of where your users are.

Flexible Deployment for Every Need and Budget

Choose from our extensive network’s on-demand mobile devices or private devices, whether they are in the DeviceAnywhere cloud, on-premise, or combination of both

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