App Monitoring: How to make your online banking customers happy?

App Monitoring make online banking customers happy

App Monitoring: How to make your online banking customers happy?



App Monitoring for leading banks is becoming of great importance for online customers.  Because apps provide a superior user experience which leads to happy customers!

“Those (banks) who are managing to get the customer satisfaction formula right, with the right combination of high tech, high touch customer interaction, are already setting the pace for others to follow.” Detroit Free Press – Why online banking customers aren´t happy

An optimum user experience

Nowadays, users expect enjoying all the services provided by their bank using an application, but they don´t want applications that are slow or crash.

 “JPMorgan Chase and other large U.S. banks are using technology to rapidly grow their digital-only customers, but that growth is costing the banks in customer satisfaction.”

A disappointing user experience can be terrible for your brand. Especially for financial institutions, the stakes are even higher.

Having an app is the easiest part, every bank has it. The real challenge is having an app responding to your customer’s needs: velocity, quality and performance. As financial industry becomes more

When you start application monitoring, you have control on the quality of service you provide to your customer. With Mobile App Monitoring, you receive immediate alerts to fix issues faster, before your users are affected. SIGOS App Experience enables you to proactively monitor your web, hybrid, and native mobile applications. It gives you the data and insights you need to manage your in-app third-party service providers.

“According to the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, 28% of retail bank customers are now digital-only, but they are the least satisfied among all customer segments examined in the study.”

To guarantee an optimum user experience, App Monitoring helps you to increase in service availability, you can easily record user journeys and detect & fix problems.

“There is no doubt that digital banking channels give banks an enormous opportunity to reduce costs. But the risk is that those cost savings come with lower levels of customer engagement”

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