App Experience Joins SIGOS’ 19th Telecommunications and Digital Experience Conference

App Experience Joins SIGOS 19th Telecommunications and Digital Experience Conference

In its first year as a participant, App Experience is formally presented by SIGOS to its customers at its 19th Telecommunications & Digital Experience Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Deutsche Telekom at SIGOS 19th Telecommunications & Digital Experience Conference
Deutsche Telekom speaking about how they use App Experience to test and monitor their StreamOn service at Digital Experience Conference, which allows their users to stream music and video without consuming high-speed data volume.

App Experience Advantage

App Experience provides powerful testing and monitoring solutions for mobile apps on real devices. The solution is flexible enough to fit any workflow, making it the useful for teams of all scope. Telecommunications companies from all over the globe are learning about the product solutions throughout this week.

Customers using App Experience get insightful test results during all phases of testing and monitoring. Because of this they are empowered to make decisions based on quantified data. The performance monitoring solution continuously checks the performance and availability of mobile applications on real smartphones and tablets over real carrier networks, 24/7, providing rich visual reporting and customizable alerts.

Application monitoring provides not only superior digital user experience but it also increase your user satisfaction and brand loyalty. More and more companies have focused their efforts to provide superior app experience. Apps today can automate a lot of user journeys which helps companies save time and other resources.

Importance of App Monitoring

Apps on tablets or smartphones are more important for professional and private users than ever before. Availability and quality of service provided via apps are the hyper-focus of the entire telco industry, as well as across industries throughout enterprise. So it’s no surprise testing and monitoring of app quality is in high demand of market players.

Digital Experience Conference attendees will learn all about SIGOS’ innovations for mobile application monitoring and testing. They will also learn mobile testing and app monitoring best practices. Also its a great opportunity to meet some of the most influential trendsetters in the industry.