Integration with Appium

Maximize the speed, coverage, and effectiveness of mobile app testing on real devices with scripts developed with Appium. It's the best way to bring Development and Quality Assurance closer together for faster mobile application delivery and better quality.

Agile Mobile Testing

Deliver mobile apps with speed and efficiency, automate testing on real devices, and improve overall application quality

Today’s mobile application design and development paradigm is lightning-fast and agile, with iterative check-in, test and build cycles that drive continuous integration. Developers seeking to accelerate delivery increasingly write smoke and regression tests in their language of choice and automate with open source frameworks like Selenium and Appium.

Teams leveraging testing assets created across the organization while also being able to exploit the real device-based test automation capabilities of Keynote Mobile Testing Enterprise can work more effectively and improve overall application quality.

Appium Integration Features

  • Run Appium scripts on real Android and iOS smartphones and tablets remotely
  • Test on-demand and manage your tests online
  • Execute multiple tests on multiple devices without the need to manage them
  • Run test sequences with hundreds of test cases, across multiple devices
  • View device interactions in real-time and share with colleagues using built-in collaborative screencasting
  • Leverage results directly in Appium

Benefits and Requirements

Instantly identify issues with your mobile app. Find root cause, identify patterns, and understand the impact on your operations


  • Capture tests written in different languages through the Appium framework
  • Orchestrate multiple related units into new test cases for real device execution
  • Enhance and extend tests written by other teams or members
  • Spend less time writing smoke tests and more time performing higher value exploratory, fuzz or other tests


  • Mobile Testing Enterprise dedicated device deployment option
  • Web client interface option

How It Works

Configure in Just a Few Clicks

Access the Appium Integration Tool once you acquire devices. Starting the integration produces a unique URL that allows your scripts to run on App Experience via Appium. No need to install Appium servers. Just copy, paste and test!

Build the Way You Want

The Appium integration gives you flexibility to target the application build you want to test. Depending on your build process and potential automation, you can choose whether to programmatically install your app, or simply reference it on the device.

Script and Run

Write test scripts in your favorite development tools using the Selenium WebDriver protocol. Anything you can do in Selenium is supported by App Experience.


Get the benefits of a high fidelity visual interface to view tests as they’re run in real time—even those run from Appium. Save time debugging by watching failures. Even live screencast a test with remote team members!

Watch Appium Run on App Experience

See how App Experience allows developers and testers to run unit tests using Appium on real mobile devices in the cloud

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