Integration with HP UFT

Run and automate complex test scenarios within HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT). Extend the capabilities of the HP UFT client application, enabling users to test mobile applications or websites on devices in a mobile cloud or dedicated implementation.

Run Scripts on Real Mobile Devices

HP UFT Scripting for Mobile

App Experience’s integration with HP UFT software makes App Experience API functions available within the HP UFT interface.

Specifically, HP UFT users can leverage App Experience’s integrated business functions to build and run reusable, automated mobile testing assets. This capability enables you to control, interact with, and extract screenshots from real mobile devices in the App Experience test environment during automated test runs.

Manage Mobile Test Cases from Within HP Quality Center

HP Quality Center (QC) Test Case Management

Manage all of your testing assets with our integration into HP Quality Center (QC). Through seamless integration with HP Quality Center (the leading test management software), test engineers can build a central repository of mobile test scripts. This allows every member of the QA team to reuse the test scripts, reduce duplicate work, and significantly simplify your test maintenance.

You can manage all your testing assets from a global, web-based central location to promote collaboration between workgroups, reuse tests between builds and applications and perform advanced change and impact analysis.

How It Works

  • Leverage existing test assets and infrastructure while extending capabilities to mobile.
  • Easily port test scripts from desktop to mobile versions of Web applications
  • Take advantage of fully integrated user interface and reporting
  • Implement a comprehensive approach to mobile application quality and reliability
  • Meet auditability requirements by referring to App Experience test results stored in HP UFT
  • Support test scenarios that include both mobile and web application interactions
  • Access live mobile devices on real networks – via the cloud or a dedicated environment. App Experience’s real device network is built on its patented Direct-to-Device® technology giving users a real testing environment with real results

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