Integration with Jenkins

Perform continuous integration and build acceptance tests on real mobile devices, all from within Jenkins.

Improve Your Productivity

Improve Productivity and Streamline the Testing Process of Mobile Apps and Websites

Mobile testing automation and continuous integration are significantly improving the day-to-day activities of developers and testers. With the push to agile environments, these functions need to be even more aligned than ever. And they need easily deployable and configurable testing tools that will help them stay on the same page.

The App Experience integration for Jenkins enables automated build acceptance tests (BATs) on real mobile devices directly within the popular Jenkins build management platform. Now you can integrate critical real-device testing without unnecessarily slowing down development or forcing developers to start their work over when critical bugs are found during testing.


  • Ability to schedule and automatically deliver your app build to devices and run a set of test cases to validate the build
  • Increase productivity and streamline testing process
  • Automated sanity testing of each mobile application build to support earlier defect identification
  • Build and schedule mobile application automated regression suite directly from your build machine to increase confidence
  • Enhanced test coverage and shorter test cycles
  • Immediate feedback to developers on the quality, functionality or system-wide impact of code you are writing

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