Performance Monitoring

The only 100% cloud-based mobile application performance monitoring solution to continually check the performance and availability of your mobile app on real smartphones and tablets over real carrier networks, 24/7.

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App Performance

Conduct mobile app monitoring that checks for reliability pre-release, in production, competitively, and to ensure SLA compliance

troubleshooting app performance
  • Device Control: Access real mobile devices in the cloud and live wireless carrier connections to continuously interact with apps 24/7, exactly like a customer does in the real world.
  • Total Interaction Control: Record app journeys and modify them with point-and-click ease. Powerful object-level interactions mean fewer monitoring script changes. Plus, share scripts with colleagues—including Development and QA—to support more agile processes across your organization.
  • 100% Cloud-Based: Delivered as a fully cloud-based service, SIGOS App Experience is the fastest and easiest way to accurately understand mobile app performance and availability.
  • Interactive Troubleshooting: Interact with mobile devices worldwide, as if they were in your hand— anytime, anywhere. With interactive testing, explore whether errors in the “straight line” of your monitoring transaction are replicable in other app functionality. Save screenshots along with a full video capture of your session.

Speed and Flexibility

Get started fast and expand your monitoring capabilities even faster

App Performance Monitoring
  • Extensive Global Network: Access the industry’s broadest, purpose-built global test and monitoring network comprised of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 275 locations around the world
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Choose from our network’s on-demand mobile devices or private devices, or combination of both that best suits your needs and budget
  • Rapid-Time-to-Measurement: Start collecting data once your app scripts are written— no app-code modification required. Capture end-user performance the second new app releases are installed.
  • Extensibility: Connect App Experience with your other systems. Assign issues instantly in your enterprise service desk or develop custom apps against our elegant RESTful API.


Instantly identify issues with your mobile app. Find root cause, identify patterns, and understand the impact on your operations

application performance monitoring
  • Dashboards: Get immediate alerts regarding availability and response issues, along with the information you need to take action. Timing data for each step in your transaction, along with full screenshots, helps you quickly understand where performance issues are impacting user experience.
  • Smart Alarms: Customize alarms for any transaction or webpage, based on the thresholds you care about. Define severity levels and create dynamic baselines that self-adjust on a rolling basis.
  • Intelligent Graphing: Select from dozens of performance values including user experience metrics such as Time to Interactive Page and network metrics like Time to First Byte, using multiple calculations (percentiles, geo mean, etc).
  • Visualizer: Explore your data quickly and preserve useful views for ongoing reference. This easy-to-use graphing interface allows you to create and save performance visualizations. Compare, analyze, and understand the most accurate and reliable performance data. Correlate data from active tests with real user (RUM) activity, and between mobile app, mobile web, and desktop web.

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