Use Cases

Find a Solution for Every Mobile Testing and Monitoring Need

Unit Testing

Focus on targeted parts of your app for functional testing

Enable developers to run tests and quickly get results

Build Acceptance Testing

Test overall performance and functionality after each release

Send test results where it makes sense, to your development or production team

Regression Testing

Ensure quality applications are being built even before a release

Prevent code updates from affecting by other components or features

Exploratory Testing

Execute black-box testing and test applications without the need for a formal test plan​

Set your own situational test conditions that matter to you​

Zero-Rating Testing

Verify and monitor billing systems, and ensure qualifying app traffic is properly zero-rated​

Get alerted immediately when there are issues​

App Monitoring

Check reliability pre-release, in production, competitively, and ensure SLA compliance

Get a complete view into end-user experiences; analyze trends with ease.