Who We Serve

app developers

App Developers

Quickly verify your code outside of emulators and simulators by deploying it to real devices. Run unit tests on different combinations of hardware and software.


financial services

Financial Services

Win over users by monitoring performance of applications and assessing security risks, and creating seamless experiences for those conducting mobile finance transactions.




Automate end-to-end active testing and fraud detection of telecommunication networks and services. With more devices on the market today than ever before, access a comprehensive range of active testing, tracing, and reporting solutions across all technologies (2G, 3G and LTE).




Streamline your testing processes and test your mobile apps or websites on iOS and Android, as well as BlackBerry and Windows devices. Integrate custom smartphones, tablets, wearables, and even unique devices such as IoT, ruggedized, set-top, and in-vehicle.




Enhance your online end-user experience. Improve brand affinity and drive shoppers targeted by marketing programs.


Other Industries

Corner your market through proper QA audits and keep users engaged with your app, no matter what industry you are in